woensdag 22 maart 2017

The Gambia

The week we spend in Cassamance was wonderful, relaxed and authentic. Before we entered into Gambia we payed a visit to Kafountine,  famous for it's marijuana  plantations.

The marijuana is cultivated on several islands that are part of a river system, and thereby only accessible by boat. On the way there, we successfully fished for barracuda, which would become our dinner that night.

Entering Gambia was as easy as a land border could be, stamp out, leave the passavant with customs, and stamp in to Gambia without the need for a visa. The 30 day passavant was delivered in the same building for about 10 euro, by well dressed officers. Quite a sight in West Africa.
Sums up Gambia pretty well 
The nicely dressed officers were just for show though, it soon became apparent that the Gambia was just as poor as it's neighbours. Dilapidated roads and buildings only improved the closer you get to Banjul.
After spending a few nights at camping Sukuta, we moved to the tourist hotspot of senegambia in Kololi. This was a universe if it's own, and quite unique in West Africa. Big hotels, many bar's and nightclubs, all catering to the white, mainly older, public.
We enjoyed the comforts, and were joined by Pim, a Dutch biker on his old africa twin. We took it all in, a massage, Dutch fast food, a couple of  nights out and looking on in amazement at all the older European women with their 40 year younger loverboy. Of course the elderly men also prayed on the fine looking 'gazelles'. The hotel owner told me later, that many of these girls are not even Gambian, they come from as far as  Nigeria to try their luck with these rich white men, all hoping for  visa and a better life.

We were not sad to leave this artificial universe and go on real adventures again. For me this was back towards Europe and for Fred it was more South, teaming up with Pim, who wants to go all the way to South Africa
The hectic Banjul Barra ferry 

Bridge over the border at Diama

Changing the oil seals on the rear axle 

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  1. Dag broertje,
    Ik geniet van je foto's en verhalen, zo voel ik me ook een beetje op reis :).
    Geniet er nog van, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat terugreizen niet half zo leuk is als heenreizen? De meisjes waren teleurgesteld dat je met Pasen nog niet terug zal zijn om hen te entertainen met je avonturen, we verheugen ons in ieder geval op je terugkomst! En Bas en ik bekeken nog eens je foto's van je Schotland-reis, omdat we daar weer naartoe gaan, maar het was grappig te zien hoe groot het contrast is met Afrika-> je ziet er zoveel gelukkiger uit in het zuiden! Tot binnenkort, en ik hoop dat we ondertussen nog mogen mee-beleven met nieuwe beelden! Liefs van je zus & co