woensdag 8 maart 2017

Senegal & the Casamamance

Happy as I was getting acces to Senegal and therefor having Gambia in my sights, I had found no insurance at the border.
Rescue came in the form of this little shop offering insurance and fried chicken, just what I needed.

That same day I  arrived in Tambacounda,  and being over 40 degrees, checked swiftly into a nice hotel with swimming pool and airco.
Next day was spent visiting the Niokola Koba national park, which boasted having a  good number of lions,  but sadly, none showed themselves when I was there.

Plenty of other game was to be seen however and a nice day was spent in the slightly cooler surroundings of the park.

Me and Roman, a local artist 

8 days after Fred and I split up at the border in Mauritania, we met up again in Ziguinchor at a lovely auberge.

Cold beers and travel stories followed but both of us where struggling with the intense inland heat.
Driving up to one of the many checkpoints in the cassamance

 It was quickly decided we would go to the coastal town of Kap Skirat, and find a nice place to camp on the beach.

Kap Skirat turned out to be a real gem, while we saw many white's, mostly French pensioners owning a house here, it has retained it's authenticity, and just feels relaxed.

It's also has picture perfect beaches and beach bars.

A campfire on the beach accompanied by live music from our newfound friends Ibrahim and Anthony made this a true paradise.

Needles to say, we stayed a few days.

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  1. Hey Tony,

    nog altijd sjiek bezig! beetje jaloers, maar hier is't al lente en komt het zicht op vakantie ook altijd dichter bij!
    take care,